Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer Gel 500ml With Pump

  • 3 Hand Sanitizers of 500ml each at $4.9/Piece.
  • 20 Hand Sanitizers of 500ml each at $4.4/Piece.
  • 50 Hand Sanitizers of 500ml each at $3.9/Piece.
  • 200 Hand Sanitizers of 500ml each at $3.5/Piece.


Our premium-quality Hand Sanitizers are FDA registered and CE certified.


  • 500ml High-Quality Hand Sanitizer Gel

  • 75% Bacteriostatic Gel Alcohol Disinfection Sterilization Liquid Hand Soap No-wash 

Type: Alcohol Gel
Function: Kills 99.99% of bacterial germs
Available Sizes: 500ml


  1. Antimicrobial- Sanitizing gel instantly kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on the skin that could cause disease.
    2.Alcohol-based for hydration and protection
    3. Fast-acting and quick-drying
    4. Convenient sizing and easy to carry and travel
  2. Disposable

Package included:

Alcohol hand sanitizer with pump

FDA registered and CE Certified Hand Sanitizers For Sale: [IN STOCK]

Hand Sanitizer

Suitable for hand disinfection, sterilization, and sanitation.

Net contents: 500ml

How to use:

  •  Hand Sanitizer : Apply proper amount of the product to the palm of the hand, rub hands together to evenly coat each part, for 1 minute.
  • Surgical hand Sanitizer: Wash and dry hands, forearms and lower 1 / 3 of upper arms with soap or antibacterial hand sanitizer according to specifications.
  • Take 5-10 ml of this hand sanitizer and evenly spread it on the skin of forearms and lower 1 / 3 of upper arms of both hands, rub it until it is dry, for 3 minutes, and then wear sterile gloves.


  1. This hand sanitizer is for external use only. It must not be taken orally and should be placed where children can’t reach it.
  2. This hand sanitizer contains alcohol and is flammable, avoid fire.
  3. Store the hand sanitizer in a cool and dry place in a sheltered and dark place.
  4. Use the hand sanitizer with caution if you are allergic to alcohol.

Validity period of the hand sanitizer content : 24 months


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