Frozen Mackerel Fish

We sell at very moderate price and we can meet large order quantities. Our prices are subject to negotiation and we are open to starting long term relationship with any company.


Our company sells or distribute many varieties of Frozen Fresh Fish in Whole and  Fillets. We have available, Frozen Mackerel Fish, Frozen Horse Mackerel Fish, Frozen Hake Fish, Frozen Red Seabream Fish, Frozen King Salmon Fish, Frozen Tuna Fish, Frozen Atlantic Salmon Fish, Frozen Sardine Fish, Frozen Tilepia Fish, Frozen Red Tilapia Fish, Frozen Bonito Fish and many more.

Frozen Pacific Mackerel(Scomber japonicus)

1. Product BQF Fish Frozen Pacific Mackerel

Frozen mackerel

BQF mackerel

Mackerel whole round

2. Scientific Name  

Scomber Japonicus

3. Size

400g -600g

4. Packing

bulk pack, 10kgs/block/ctn, 15kgs/ctn

5. Freezing

BQF (=Block Quick Frozen)

6. Net Weight

100%N.W., or 95%N.W.

7. Certificate



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